Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Etsy Catalog - How to create a catalog using your Etsy Shop Listings

If you participate in craft show & trade fairs or Email Newsletters, you may find it useful to put your Etsy Shop Listings in a PDF catalog. Here's a link to a great website that will help you create a catalog - The website is easy to use and offers several great options for including/ excluding some of the listings from the catalog, editing listing descriptions and pricing, rearranging item orders and so on. Please note that only 1st 6 listings will be included in the catalog you create - if you would like to include more than 6 listings, you will need to add them manually. The video tutorial is a must-see before you edit the catalog.

Also, I am offering a new coupon to K&C Supplies customers: BlackFriday10 - 10% off your order (excluding shipping) via Paypal Refund. Coupon Expires December 1, 2010. Please mention the code in the notes to the seller at checkout. Happy Holidays to Everyone!

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