Saturday, November 20, 2010

Etsy Coupon Code - New Etsy feature - add and redeem coupons on Etsy

Etsy Coupon Code is a New Etsy Feature - Add and Redeem Coupons on Etsy without PayPal Refunds! has made a new feature available to all Etsy Shop owners - you can now offer discounts to your customers and have Etsy adjust the total for you. Before, Etsy shop owners would either have to manually adjust all prices for items they put on sale or use Paypal refunds once a Paypal payment was completed. Information about Adding and Redeeming Coupon Codes on Etsy is available in the Announcements section on Etsy Forum. Coupon Codes feature was inititially made available to only 5% of Etsy sellers, but is now available to Everyone!
How do you create a coupon code for your shop? How do you redeem a coupon code at an Etsy shop?   Find out Here!

Coupon code for KandCSupplies - Discount10 - for 10% off your zipper purchase. The coupon will expire on December 1, 2010.


  1. To create a coupon code, your shop needs to be open to the public. If it is, go to Your Shop > Coupon Codes (under Promote in the sidebar). GAP Discount Codes

  2. Thanks, Albina, here is the link to the updated instructions for offering Etsy coupon codes at your Etsy store:


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