Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Use Squidoo to promote your Etsy business

I am constantly looking for ways to promote my Etsy business. Are you? Have you considered making Squidoo lenses to promote your Etsy shop? I suggest you give it a try.
What is Squidoo? Squidoo is a great website that allows you to publish articles (called "lenses") on various topics . It doesn't cost anything to get started on Squidoo - you can open a Squidoo account for free and start publishing content right away. What can you write about? Anything that interests you (within the Squidoo guidelines, of course). You can write about yourself and your hobbies, you can write about your Etsy business, you can provide useful tutorials - just a few ideas to get you started... My Squidoo article with Etsy tips draws attention to this Handmade Business blog, my Squidoo article Buy Recycled felt provides valuable information and motivates readers to check out my Squidoo profile, and my profile has links to both, my Etsy Shop and my Handmade Business blog... Google likes Squidoo, and that means higher rankings for your Etsy shop in Google Search Engine :)
What else can you do with Squidoo? There's an Etsy Module that allows you to display your Etsy items on your lens and link them to your Etsy shop. There are hundreds of Etsy Sellers who are already promoting their Etsy shops on Squidoo for free. Not only do you get all the benefits of creating a greater Exposure for your Etsy Shop, but you can also make some money by adding Amazon and Ebay modules and displaying Google Ads and InfoLinks on your Lenses - great little bonus there :) You might just get addicted to Squidoo! Please don't expect instant traffic to your Squidoo lens. I want to be honest with you, it takes time to build traffic to your Squidoo account, so I am sharing my tips on my other blog Make Money on Squidoo tips.
Are you promoting Your Etsy Business on Squidoo? Join Today!

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