Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Etsy Shop is in German? My Etsy is in French? How can I change it to English?

Tonight I logged into my Etsy shop to find everything in My Etsy Shop in German. For a minute, I thought that Etsy was in the process of making changes and it was a temporary "hiccup". But then I decided to look through some of the shop settings and ended up at "Einstellungen" tab. I clicked on the "Preferences" tab under "Einstellungen" ("settings" in German), and sure enough, my Etsy Shop language was set to "Deutsch". I know I didn't change any of the settings, and my Etsy shop looked just fine a couple hours ago, so I am a little puzzled as to how the Shop language got changed, but I reset it back to English. I did a search on Twitter, and someone had mentioned the same problem with Etsy language settings 6 days ago. I am not sure if Etsy is slowly introducing all shops to the new Shop Language setting, but it is certainly weird that my shop language got changed with the shop location being the United States. Anyways, I am glad I got the "little bug" fixed.
You may be experiencing the same problem with your Etsy Shop being in French. The instructions for changing the shop Language settings would be very similar. "Settings" is the 4th Link in your account panel on the left.

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