Sunday, September 4, 2011

Are YKK zippers food safe?

Are YKK zippers food Safe ?

Are you concerned as to whether YKK zippers are food safe and whether it's ok to use YKK zippers on kids items and items that come in direct contact with food, like snack bags? Here's some information from YKK Facebook page, regarding CPSIA compliance:

"The CPSIA regulates the amount of lead content permitted in children’s (12 years and under) products. YKK does not make children’s products, but YKK items may be included in children’s products by the manufacturer. The current CPSIA standard for lead in the substrate of a children’s product is 300 ppm. Beginning August 2011, the limit for lead in the substrate of a children’s product will drop further to 100 ppm unless the CPSC Commission determines that a limit of 100 ppm is not technologically feasible.
... The company has been successful in lowering the lead content in the substrate of most of its products to 90 ppm well in advance of the 2011 standard... YKK tests its products internally using EDX (Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer) technology to ensure these lead levels...
For more information about YKK zippers and CPSIA Standards, you may want to contact YKK by Email:

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