Tuesday, November 15, 2011

18 inch Doll Clothes and Accessories

18 inch doll clothes and accessories
 18 inch doll clothes and acessories make great gifts for girls who like to play with their American Girl Dolls. If American Doll clothing is on your little girl's Christmas list, please be sure to stop by Civil Traditions Shop on Etsy for a great selection of handmade 18 inch doll clothes and accessories: jackets, jeans, jewelry, zippered fleece pullovers, dresses, shirts, skirts, totes and purses, and more. The Shop owner Kristin also fills custom wholesale orders for 18 inch doll clothing. Kristin is currently working on a custom pullover order from Seattle's Children's Hospital. The fleece pullovers with zippers will be sold at an annual American Girl Doll Fashion show to raise money for Uncompensated Care Fund which covers medical expenses not covered by insurance. I have seen a photo of these pullovers, and they are turning out great! Hope the fundraiser is a great success!
Here are some photos of 18 inch Doll clothes and accessories available at Civil Traditions Shop:

18 inch doll peasant shirts

Plaid Flannel PJ Pants for 18 inch dolls

18 inch dolls jewelry set
18 inch doll tote
18 inch doll zippered pullover

I asked Kristin to tell me a little about her business, and here's what she had to say:

"I have been sewing and embroidering for 15 years and have made almost everything from curtains and quilts to prom dresses and Halloween costumes in sizes for people and dolls :-). As for me and my dolls. Dolls are little girls that never grow up. Well-made commercial clothing, both human and doll, is hard to come by. I live in a small community where retail choices are limited. My girls were tiny when they were little and commercial clothing was either too long for their short stature, or too grown-up for my taste. Sewing allowed me to outfit my girls in clothes that lasted them twice as long and I didn't have to succumb to the styles forced on us by retailers. One of my biggest pet peeves is when adults dress their children like mini-adults in clothing styles that are really not appropriate for the age. I loved making dresses, jammies, and pants for my girls and their dolls when they were little. I still make holiday dresses and the occasional dance dress. Now that they have grown, I get to make doll clothes for other girl's dolls. I love the creativity making doll clothes allows me. I don't have anybody saying they don't like the color or the pattern makes them uncomfortable. They never change size, so fitting them is easy. Best of all, no matter what I make them and how crazy the fabric (such as the jeans in the photo) they always love it and wear it with pride. I think it is important for girls to be girls for as long as they can. My clothes reflect that concept by keeping clothing as conservative and child-like as possible. I love the innocence of childhood and want to keep that a part of their lives for as long as possible."

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