Wednesday, December 14, 2011

YKK Zippers Colors

My customers often ask me:  "What colors are included in your Zipper assortments ?" Every assortment I put together turns out to be a little different. Ykk Zippers Color Card includes over 400 colors. I usually have 30-40 different YKK Zippers Colors in stock, and the assortments in different zipper sizes vary. However, there are some colors I usually try to stock in all sizes, and you will frequently find at least 17-20 colors to be similar in each zipper lot you buy from me. The photo to the left should be a good reference as it shows most of the colors you will find in the 25-50-100 zipper assortments purchased at my Zipper Store.  I usually include 4-7 neutrals, 3-5 blues, a turquoise or a teal, 3-4 greens, 1-2 reds, 2-3 pinks, 1-3 oranges, 1-2 yellows, 1-3 purples (including lavender, eggplant, and lilac), depending on what I have in stock at the time you place your order. If you do not use neutrals, or yellows and oranges, for example, you can always include a note to me at checkout (however, if you only request certain colors, you may get a zipper lot with fewer than 25 ykk zippers colors). YKK zippers color card doesn't include color names - only numbers. For example, I carry vanilla purse zippers in YKK color #121, but YKK actually makes vanilla zippers in 4-5 different shades. Here's a close-up of the same Zipper lot with my color names and YKK color numbers below.

1. Bright Yellow, YKK color # 504
2. Sunflower Yellow, Ykk color # 506
3. Purple, Ykk color # 218
4. Red, Ykk color # 519
5. Bright red, Ykk color # 820
6. Hot pink, Ykk color # 516
7. Medium pink, Ykk color # 515
8. Light pink, Ykk color # 513
9. Light orange, Ykk color # 114
10. Bright orange, Ykk color # 849
11. Turquoise, Ykk color # 018
12. Bright Aqua, Ykk color # 547
13. Smurf blue, Ykk color # 066
14. Light blue, Ykk color # 544 (I also frequently stock #026)
15. Bright green/ Grass green, Ykk color # 151
16. Kiwi green, Ykk color # 875
17. Light green/ apple green, Ykk color # 041
18. Black, Ykk color # 580
19. Brown, Ykk color # 570
20. Medium brown, Ykk color # 092
21. Natural beige, Ykk color # 572
22. Light grey, Ykk color # 272
23. White, Ykk color # 501
24. Navy, Ykk color # 560
25. Royal blue, Ykk color # 115

Update June 28, 2013: Currently, I have 7 inch 12, 14, 25, and 40 x 7 inch zipper assortments in stock. They can be found in this section: 7 inch skirt, dress and pouch zippers. By the end of July, I will also offer 25 and 50 zipper assortments in a combination of 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 inch sizes (5-10 zippers in 4 inch size, 5-10 zippers in 5 inch size, 5-10 zippers in 6 inch size, 5-10 zippers in 7 inch size, and 5-10 zippers in 8 inch size) - great starter pack if you need a good variety of zippers in different colors and sizes. 

Also, I currently offer handbag zipper assortments and "choose your own" listings. They can be found in this section: Purse zippers with 4.5 mm coil


  1. Hi there, I just came across your post and various zippers that you have up for sale. After looking through your website and another website that includes your zippers I was wondering if I can have a few questions answered? I was just not sure how to contact you so I decided to leave a comment on this post in hopes of getting a reply. Is there an email where I can contact you? I love the wide array of colors that you have online! :)

  2. Ivanka,

    I will be happy to answer any questions you have - either on the blog, or you can contact me through Etsy - by creating an account and using Etsy convo (email) system.


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