Monday, February 27, 2012

Etsy Combined Shipping

Etsy Combined Shipping is one of the discounts we offer at our Zipper Store, allowing customers to get better per zipper pricing when buying multiple zipper lots. For example, we charge $3 to ship 25 zippers in the US. So, if you purchase 25 zippers for $9 plus $3 shipping, your zipper cost is $0.48 per zipper. If you purchase two 25 zipper lots, Etsy will combine shipping for you, and you will still pay only $3 for shipping, so the zipper cost goes down to $0.42 per zipper. We also offer reduced shipping costs to our international  customers.

How does Etsy Combined Shipping work? If you purchase several items from the same Etsy store, find the item with the highest shipping cost, then add the additional shipping costs from the "with another item" column for the other items. Etsy will adjust the shipping cost as soon as the items are added to the cart, so you will know the total shipping cost before completing the purchase. Please note that all Etsy stores are independently owned, so you will not be able to get the combined shipping discount if you purchase zippers from our zipper store and, for example, jewelry supplies from someone else. For a detailed explanation and more examples on how Etsy combines shipping cost, be sure to check out this article: Etsy Combined Shipping

Interested in getting even better price on your zipper order? Our 100 zipper lots are priced to give you the best wholesale zipper price. This 100 5 inch zippers listing is $27 plus $6 for shipping, so your per zipper cost will only be $0.33 per zipper. Also, all repeat customers can use the Repeat Customer Coupon and get an additional 10% off on repeat purchases. As always, we appreciate your business!

Learn more about zippers here: All About Zippers

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