Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fun YKK Zippers

Being a YKK zippers supplier, I tend to notice YKK zippers on Old Navy Jackets, Oshkosh Toddler Clothing, tents, handbags, and many other things. Today I am sharing my latest find - the cutest "The Cat in the Hat" toddler boots with fun red and white YKK zippers. My friend's daughter was wearing these the other day and I couldn't resist asking to take a photo. Let me note that I am a Big Fan of Dr. Seuss books and The Cat in the Hat in particular! "The Cat in the Hat" embellishment is super cute, and the red and white YKK zippers make the boots even more fun! I will have to look for these YKK zippers - I would love to carry them in my Etsy store. I wanted to add a link to a store that sells these boots (just in case you would like a pair), but the only place I could find them was Ebay. My friend's daughter got these as a gift about a year ago, so I am not sure if they still sell these... seems to have the best selection of merchandise with Dr. Seuss characters, so I am guessing that's where these boots came from :)

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