Monday, November 4, 2013

Lovely Etsy Treasury

I feel very grateful when fellow Etsy Shop owners find my zippers and buttons worthy of including in their Etsy Treasuries. Thank you, Natalie from NatalkaCreations on Etsy, for including my invisible zippers in your Lovely Etsy Treasury - what a great collection of natural colored handmade creations and craft supplies! I took some time to explore Natalie's Etsy Shop and instantly fell in love with her One of a Kind (OOAK) Handmade textile dolls. Wow, Natatlie's dolls are amazing. My favorite is Elizabeth - what a great doll for a doll collector, truly a gem! If you have a minute, do stop by Natalie's Shop and checkout her handmade textile doll collection.


  1. It was so refreshing to know about a shop like Etsy. I wonder how it could manage the stock in such a huge amount to meet the demands without getting short of products. Really, that's an awesome management by the company.

  2. I love your blog, thank you for sharing this, this blog has many types of colorful zips and button which has issued by great ideas! best of luck for your future.
    YSB Beauty Inc.


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