Wednesday, May 8, 2013

7 inch dress zipper assortments and 12 inch handbag zippers will soon be back in stock

7 inch Ykk zippers
Hope you all are doing well. As my zipper inventory is slowly depleting, I am starting to miss the daily routine of working on Etsy - something I got so used to over the 4 years of running my Zipper store. I appreciate everyone's understanding and best wishes as I am searching for a more fulfilling career. The decision to cut down on my inventory was not an easy one, but, at this time, it seems to be the only way to continue towards my career goals. Although I am unable to keep up with a big zipper inventory, I would like to continue to offer 7 inch YKK dress zipper assortments and 12 inch handbag zippers - my most popular zippers. This summer, I will have a little more time to dedicate to my zipper store, and I would like to continue doing business with a limited zipper selection. In a few weeks, I will be offering 7 inch zipper assortments and "pick your own" 12 inch handbag zipper lots. Unfortunately, I will not be able to fill custom orders as they do require more time and a bigger inventory.

Once again, I want to thank my loyal customers for support throughout the years and making K & C Supplies on Etsy a successful small business. I hope you are staying busy and getting lots of orders for Spring and Summer purses, clutches, and zippered pouches. Happy Spring!


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