Friday, June 21, 2013

Best zippers

1980's Vintage dress with YKK zipper
I remember playing with a stash of YKK zippers when I was a child. My Mom used to sew a lot, and Ykk zippers were on all of my handmade summer dresses. YKK brand symbol always caught my eye on clothing, bags, luggage, tents, etc. I think, in my mind, YKK equaled Zippers.

If you were to ask me what is the best zippers brand, I would, without a doubt, reply "YKK." And, to tell you the truth, it's not just because I sell the best zippers (Ykk dress and handbag zippers) in my Etsy Zipper shop, but because I honestly believe that YKK makes the most durable, high quality, and very affordable zips. YKK zippers have been around for a long time. The company was founded back in 1936 in Tokyo by a 24 year old entrepreneur Tadao Yoshida. You can learn about the meaning of YKK in my earlier blog post: What does YKK on a zipper mean?

You are probably wondering why I chose the photo of a dress for this post. This is the dress I used to wear when I was little. It was a "hand me down" from my cousins. The dress was made in Belgium by "Carabi." I wonder if they are still in business? I could not find any information about them online.

The dress is more than 30 years old and has been worn by four children. They made some high quality stuff back in the days... Despite the fact that the dress is over 30 years old, it will probably still last at least a little while. It really is in almost perfect shape and looks new. Guess what is the brand of the zipper on this vintage dress? That's right, YKK! You know how kids are not very gentle with their belongings, right? And I know my cousins wore the dress a lot, and I wore the dress quite a bit. It is my favorite dress ever! The dress was recently worn by another little girl and has gone through at least 40-50 laundry cycles in a modern washing machine. The paint on the zipper pull is a little chipped, but other than that, the zipper is in perfect working order!
best zippers!

Carabi vintage dress with YKK zipper
Is it weird to be so excited about a durable long-lasting zipper? Perhaps. But if someone asks me for advice on the best zippers for their sewing needs, I will be happy to recommend YKK. I do have a great story to tell :)

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